“Very excellent. Probably the fastest training I have ever had (day did not drag on).”

“Nice presentation. Very powerful stuff.”

“The basic principles of leadership discussed were insightful and gave me good ideas for both my work and personal life.”

“Specific to (my company) & immediately useful.”

“I like that the topics applied directly to (my company) and that I could apply it to my position.”

“Best training and trainer I’ve been with.”

“I feel like it was great, Ann! The audience involvement! Way to keep our attention!!”

“It opened my eyes about some things that I can do to improve myself. Very conversational, interactive approach was catered to topics brought forth by the class.”

“It was formed for our company it seemed like and you were so educated about us.”

“Ann was fantastic. Motivational.”

“Ann was very professional and an excellent speaker. Able to focus on core topics and themes in the training while making it relevant to (my company).”

“Nice work, Ann. This was time well spent.”

“It was focused for a technical/scientific audience. Our engineers and scientists were very engaged and I received some good ideas for helping them with their presentations.”

“Ann has a very good delivery style; feels open, honest, makes people feel comfortable; good energy level (not too hyper but not somber and monotone either; good balance). Her years of working with introverted scientists and engineers also showed because she tried to draw us out to participate in a good way.”